Class B & C Key Cabinets

SRA Solutions manufacture a range of secure Government (SCEC) endorsed Class B and Class C Key Cabinets which provide extra security and peace of mind.

These Key Cabinets are typically used in a secure office environment and are ideal for improved key management. Primarily each Key Cabinet is designed such that it is
secured to provide positive protection against tampering and covert entry.

SRA’s Class B and Class C Key Security Cabinets consist of two sides, a back, a top and bottom hamper with a strengthened door. Manufactured from 1.9 mm mild steel they are welded to form a secure single piece unit.

Available as a 300 key cabinet or as a 100 key cabinet with the additional option of a 200 key insert hinged expansion leaf. Provision is made for the storage of up to 300 x 75 mm long keys fitted with keyrings and tags. Key storage hooks are fixed to the inner face of the back panel, and also to the removable hinged leaf.

Key Features
  • Class B cabinets are fitted with the KABA X10 digital lock
  • Class C cabinets are fitted with a BiLock
  • Unique Serial Number Identification
  • Available in Mannex Suede, Black and White Colours