Aisle Containment

SRA’s retro-fittable Containment system can be used to drastically reduce cooling costs in both brownfield and Greenfield data centres. Separating the hot and cold air streams in a data centre gives much greater control over air temperatures and makes your cooling infrastructure work more effectively and efficiently. This means that CRAC units can be run with higher return temperatures resulting in lower power usage. Introducing air containment is possibly the most effective way to improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in an existing brownfield data centre.

With complete control over the design and manufacture, we can fit a containment system to any room to suit any racking configuration. Our Containment System can fit to racks of different widths, heights and depths, non-SRA cabinets and we can accommodate any aisle width. SRA’s flexible Containment Systems can be integrated with new or existing In-Row, perimeter or overhead ducted cooling systems.

Key Features
  • Vertical Hot aisle panel configurations that direct rack exhaust air into ceiling return air plenums
  • Cold aisle configurations that contain supply air delivery to racks incorporating aisle ceilings for a range of fire services
  • Sliding or fixed transparent panels to accommodate sprinkler or gas head penetrations.
  • Thermal drop-away panels
  • Various aisle door configurations including dual auto sliding, single sliding and dual and single swing
  • Ceiling suspended or post structural framing
  • Direct attach containment brushes to suite a wide variety of racks widths and clearances
  • Full height blanking panels to accommodate any rack width width