Secure Caging

SRA Solutions secure caging is custom designed and manufactured to meet high-level security requirements within colocation data centres, computer rooms and server rooms.

We offer an extensive range of cage solutions that extend to sub-floor and above ceiling plenum spaces to provide added security. No data security situation is the same, so we’ve shaped our secure cage range accordingly.

SRA solutions provides a multi-tiered security cage system, designed to correlate with ASA and SCEC Zoning specifications, making the process more hassle free for everyone involved and to ensure you get the right level of security to meet your needs.

Our modular design ensures all our security cages are easy to assemble and modify.

Key Features
  • Cage Types include standard panels, goal bar and SL81 mesh for main panelling, underfloor and in-ceiling applications
  • SCEC Zone architecture
  • Various door configurations including sliding, swing and auto-closing. Provision for Type 1A alarm and security systems
  • Customised to suit any environment