Heat Load Simulators

SRA Solutions offers Server Simulators for hire as tools to assist with commissioning of data-centre cooling systems or heat load testing. Cooling systems can be accurately tested without risking expensive IT equipment.

SRA Solutions Server Simulators accurately simulate heat-loads and airflow created by IT equipment in a rack. Each unit consists of a heating elements with variable output
and high reliability fan units that can be run 24/7 to simulate operating conditions in high capacity data centres.

Server simulators include two heating elements and two fan units that can be operated independently or together to give equivalent heat outputs of 2kW or 4 kW. Units are 19”rack compatible so can be mounted in racks in place of IT equipment. The distributed heat load provides realistic test conditions that accurately represent the operational environment. For safety server simulators are fitted with over current fuses and thermal cut-off switches.

Customers can hire any number of server simulators to test UPS and cooling performance for a single rack, containment pod or a complete data hall.

Key Features
  • Variable heat loads
  • Realistic Airflows
  • Compatibility: Server simulators can be easily mounted in standard 19 inch racks with included, mounting hardware. Simulators are provided with either IEC C14 (10A) or 10A GPO input cables. Please specify when enquiring