Installation & Commissioning

Our services capability extends beyond racks and enclosures

SRA Solutions is a prominent provider of installation and commissioning services tailored for computer rooms, server rooms, and data centres.

With a focus on precision, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards, SRA Solutions ensures a seamless transition from design to operational deployment.

Our expertise allows for the efficient installation of computer room, server room, or data centre infrastructure, encompassing server racks, networking equipment, power distribution systems, and cooling solutions.

We place a strong emphasis on training client personnel during the commissioning phase, empowering them to operate and maintain the installed infrastructure effectively. This knowledge transfer is integral to ensuring long-term success and reliability of the deployed systems.

Through meticulous planning, efficient execution, and a commitment to quality, SRA Solutions aims to deliver seamless and fully functional infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of our clients.

Why Choose SRA Solutions for Your Data Centre Installation Needs?

Precision Installation

Our professionals are meticulous in setting up equipment, ensuring it operates at peak performance from day one.

Minimised Downtime

With our efficient installation process, downtime is minimised, allowing your business to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Compliance & Safety

We adhere to industry standards and safety protocols, guaranteeing a secure and compliant environment.


Our solutions are designed to accommodate future growth, ensuring your data centre or server room can adapt to evolving needs.

Comprehensive Support

With years of experience, our team possesses the technical know-how to handle complex installations and troubleshoot any issues effectively.


We Adhere to Safety Measures in Our Installations

At SRA Solutions, we prioritise safety and compliance in our data centre installation services. We strictly follow industry safety guidelines and adhere to all necessary regulations, making sure every project complies with Australian Standards.

Our team consists of certified professionals who regularly receive training in safety practices and risk management. We perform detailed risk assessments to minimise potential dangers. This focus on safety and compliance also ensures that our installations are efficient and reliable.

Our Data Centre Installation Process

Initial Consultation and Planning

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your requirements and plan the installation process.

Efficient and Reliable Setup

Our team follows a meticulous data centre setup checklist to ensure all components are installed efficiently and reliably.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We conduct rigorous testing after installation to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.


SRA Solutions: A Leader in Data Centre Installation

At SRA Solutions, we are recognised as a leader in data centre installation, marked by our vast experience and deep understanding of the changing industry.

We customise our approach for each project, providing solutions that precisely meet our clients’ unique business and technical requirements. Utilising cutting-edge technology and innovative methods, we strongly emphasise quality and dependability in every installation.

By proactively responding to new challenges in the industry, we aim to build lasting relationships, offering continuous support even after the project is complete. Our history of successful projects with various clients underlines our dedication to excellence and establishes us as a dependable ally in the technological growth of businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure quality and compliance in turnkey projects?

We customise our solutions to suit each client’s unique needs, ensuring that every aspect of the data centre installation aligns with their specific requirements. Our team is made up of highly skilled engineers and technicians with extensive experience and expertise in the field. This blend of personalised solutions, a professional team, and a focus on the client makes us a leader in data centre installation services.
The time frame for a data centre installation varies based on factors like project complexity, data centre size, and client-specific needs. At SRA Solutions, we strive for efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our project management team plans carefully to minimise downtime and disruption, aiming to complete the project within the agreed timeline.
Yes, our team has considerable experience in managing large projects, ensuring that every installation, big or small, is given careful attention to detail and quality. We have the necessary resources, technology, and expertise to manage complex installations and are skilled at scaling our services for large projects.