Electronic Access Locking

Rack-level electronic locking solutions enhance security

SRA Solutions provide integrated rack-access solutions that combine electronic locking and monitoring capabilities for optimal security. We partner with industry leading brands to offer best in class solutions that are tailored to meet the functional intent.

Responsibility for rack-level security can differ depending on the type of data centre or IT facility. Some are wholly owned and operated by one company or entity, so responsibility for securing server racks and cabinets is with one organisation. In colocated data centres, with multiple users owning and operating one or several racks or cabinets with many other owner/operators, it’s typically the server owner who defines how to secure those racks and how sophisticated that locking and access management solution will be.

Under these conditions, it’s important for all data centre managers to understand the range of options available for rack-level security.

Key Features
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Compatible with Intelligent power management solutions
  • Real-time sensing and alerting
  • Network controlled access
  • Simplify operations, while enabling enterprise-level security
  • Automate physical access monitoring
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