Class B & C Split Racks

SCEC Approved Class B and C Split Racks

SRA Solutions SCEC endorsed Class B and Class C Split cabinets are the first choice for the Australian Government and high security environments for the protection of sensitive equipment.

Superior design features such as increased high density cable capacity via secure baffles, and the highest perforated area for doors allowed under SCEC requirements.

SRA’s Class B and C Split cabinets can be configured to suit any site requirements.

Key Features
  • Fully Welded Frame
  • 1200kg Distributed Load Capacity
  • Adjustable Mounting Rails with Etched RU Identification
  • High Cable Capacity Supporting Bend Radius Requirements
  • Dedicated Power Entries for Segregation
  • Individually Serialised
  • Class B security using digital Kaba X10 or S&G 2740B locks Requirements
  • Class C locks are SCEC BiLock
  • Available in Mannex Suede, Black or White colour

Product Specifications

Available Heights

RUHeight with levelling feetHeight with Castor wheels
12U717 mm755 mm
18U984 mm1022 mm
21U1117 mm1155 mm
24U1250 mm1289 mm
27U1250 mm1422 mm
30U1517 mm1555 mm
36U1784 mm1821 mm
39U1917 mm1955 mm
42U2050 mm2089 mm
45U2184 mm2222 mm
48U2317 mm2355 mm

Available Widths

750 mm
800 mm

Available Depths

1050 mm
1200 mm