Project Management

Our services capability extends beyond racks and enclosures

With complex projects, we are often engaged as a specialist ICT or POD contractor to assist with the design,
installation, project management and commissioning. We do this to ensure the quality, viability and scalability of the work.

A POD Contractor package of works is a scope that includes the delivery of the functional well-integrated solution. The intent of bundling specific disciplines into the POD contractors’ package of works is to ensure that a seamless and coordinated solution is achieved.

SRA’s approach is to ensure that we provide a quality, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution, whilst also ensuring all functional aspects are achieved. The below major aspects are considered part of the POD contractors’ responsibility to supply, install, test and commission.

  • Server Racks
  • Rack Power Distribution (PDUs)
  • In Row Coolers
  • UPS and battery backup
  • Containment System
  • Cable Tray Support Gantry
  • Busway system
  • CREMS Hardware and Software

Key Benefits

Engineering expertise
High-performance systems
Tailored solutions