Built to perform, the Australian made SRA Solutions ISO Modular DC Series
has been engineered to meet the highest quality standards.

Leveraging 20 years’ experience together with extensive industry research, the SRA Solutions ISO
Modular DC Series has been engineered for improved flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

Our design philosophy was to reimagine the supply chain and offer our clients a trusted
and technology agnostic approach for critical power, cooling, monitoring, security and fire systems. With a key focus on functional design capability, this unique approach offers clients the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to select critical components for their application.

That’s why SRA Solutions is the first line of defence for your project – our ready-to-deploy and ready-to scaleISO modular DC solutions are engineered for improved flexibility, efficiency, and performance.

Why Choose SRA Solutions for Your Modular Data Centre Needs?

Rapid deployment
Proudly engineered and manufactured in Australia
Technology Agnostic Approach to Critical Power and Cooling
Ultimate Flexibility to Select Critical Components for each Application
Ready to Deploy Modules
Factory Assembled, Tested and commissioned
Alternate sizes, shapes and power density
Alternate Cooling solutions to support HPC
Increased resilience tier capability
Security enhancements and certifications (Physical Security Zone ratings)

Our Innovative Designs for Optimal Performance

SRA Solutions’ ISO Modular DC Series is a game-changer in data centre architecture, blending innovative design with optimal performance. Our modular data centres are crafted for easy scalability, perfectly adapting to the ever-evolving IT infrastructure demands.

Not only that, they’re a powerhouse of efficiency and sustainability. We’ve engineered these units to use energy smartly, which means lower operational costs for you and a smaller environmental footprint. It’s all about giving you a modular data centre that grows with your needs and does it in the most efficient way possible.

Our Comprehensive Security Measures

Our commitment to safeguarding your valuable assets extends to a multi-layered security approach. Our designs include comprehensive security measures that ensure physical security from unauthorised access. Our data protection strategies are also rigorously implemented to shield your data from potential risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does SRA Solutions' technology-agnostic approach benefit modular data centre clients?

Our technology-agnostic approach provides significant advantages to modular data centre clients by offering unparalleled flexibility and customisation.

Clients are free to choose components that best fit their specific applications, leading to an optimised system tailored to their exact needs. This flexibility enhances the overall efficiency of the data centres and ensures that they can quickly adapt to future technological advancements or changes in requirements.

Our modular data centres are ideally suited for high-performance computing due to their advanced design, which incorporates alternate cooling solutions and customisable power densities.

These features are critical in HPC environments where processing power and heat generation can be intensive. The alternate cooling solutions efficiently manage the increased heat load, ensuring optimal performance of the computing systems.

Additionally, the ability to customise power densities allows for accommodating the high energy demands typical of HPC operations, resulting in a highly efficient and robust computing environment.

To ensure the highest level of data protection and uninterrupted operation, SRA Solutions incorporates multiple layers of security and resilience measures.

These include advanced physical security options, robust cybersecurity protocols, and redundant power and cooling systems to prevent downtime.

The focus is on creating a secure and resilient infrastructure that can withstand various challenges, from cyber threats to power outages, ensuring that clients’ critical operations are always protected and reliable.

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