Rear Door Coolers

Rear Door Coolers (RDC or RDHx) are designed for managing high heat load cooling requirements within high-density server, computing and storage racks.

The RDC are installed on equipment racks as a separate rear door with an extra frame, enabling it to be retrofitted to existing racks. Heat dissipated by the rack equipment will be removed by a air-to-liquid heat exchanger and transferred into the facility water circuit, adding no heat to the IT room. The entire system is integrated within an aesthetically framed perforated door with protective covers to isolate the liquid source and cooling loop from the rack-mounted equipment.

Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) are ideal for applications that may not require the chip-level performance of DLC or applications that require a cost-effective means of achieving 100% heat capture into liquid. They can be deployed as a warranty-approved, control system compatible part of a DLC system or on their own.

Key Features
  • RDC’s can use the return water from the existing perimeter room cooling and chiller systems
  • RDC’s can be top and bottom fed as standard
  • RDC’s do not affect baying racks on either side
  • Full rear access to rack
  • Can be retrofitted to Hot Aisle Containment System, without need to change floor layout
  • Flexibility on kW duty (0.1-100kW per rack)