Secure Duct

SRA Solutions’ Secure Duct provides a combination of elements that form a rigid structural system which is used to securely fasten or support suspended cables and raceway.

Providing high security for concealing, protecting and routing network cables, polycarbonate transparent covers are fitted to every section for cables that are required to be visible and inspect-able over their entire route. Each section has the provision for SCEC seals as required.

All elements are available in 2, 3 or 5 compartment “parallel multi-duct” versions and these are easy to connect together with our quick connection system. Secure Duct comes with easy traversing corner sections that do not exceed minimum bend radius standards, providing an ideal way to manage large volumes of cable in suspended horizontal runs of any length.

Clever cable tie provisions are uniformly punched into all sections of the Secure Duct product allowing easy use of any Velcro cable management solution to suit the duct cable capacity.

Key Features
  • Quick installation of prefabricated parts
  • 2, 3 or 5 parallel pathways
  • Secure and visible cable runs
  • Flexible velcro cable management provision
  • Anti-sag design
  • High load capacity
  • Built-in suspension brackets