Multi User Telecommunication Outlet

Multi User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO) enclosures are specifically designed for the direct termination of fibre and copper UTP cables. They incorporate added security features which make them well suited for fibre-to-desk applications.

SRA Solutions manufacturers a comprehensive range of MUTO enclosures to accommodate protected networks. We offer standard and custom design configurations to incorporate universal connector cut-outs and cable management solutions. Coloured options are also available to comply with the Information Security Manual (ISM).

Cabling infrastructure within Secure environments differs from commercial installations in the standard of security measures applied in design and installation.

Key Features
  • Four interchangeable face plates – SC Duplex, RJ45, LC Duplex or Blank
  • Enclosure is supplied complete with cable management, fibre splice tray, strain relief post, sliding lid, cable entry knockouts and multiple mounting positions
  • Recessed angled entry/plasterboard mount option with 25mm & 32mm cable entry provision
  • Available in a range of colours to suit any security level