Transforming NEXTDC’s Data Centres with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Challenge and Solution

SRA Solutions, a leading provider of innovative data centre solutions, has been instrumental in supporting NEXTDC’s mission to be Australia’s leading data centre services provider.

With a focus on delivering world class products and services such as data centre racks, electronic access intelligent rack handles, secure caging, and HPC solutions, SRA Solutions has played a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, security, and overall performance of NEXTDC’s data centres.

Client Overview:

NEXTDC, one of Australia’s leading data centre operators, continually strives to optimise its data centre facilities to support the growing critical infrastructure demands of the digital economy.

AI is expected to accelerate demand for data centre services as more and more industries adopt technology strategies to better utilise data as a tool to achieve corporate objectives. Specialist hyperscale Data Centres will serve as the backbone that supports AI’s explosive growth.

NEXTDC’s new M3 Melbourne Data Centre opened in October 2023 is a great example of how they are using innovative technologies to build and operate some of the most secure, energy efficient and sustainable data centre services in the world.

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SRA Solutions’ Tailored Approach:

Data Centre Racks:
SRA Solutions provided NEXTDC with custom-designed data centre racks that not only optimised space utilisation but also ensured optimal airflow for efficient cooling. These racks were engineered to accommodate NEXTDC’s specific requirements, supporting the seamless integration of server and networking equipment, and supporting the growing demand for high density computing which significantly increases heat loads within data halls.

Electronic Access Handles:
Premium Security is a core brand promise for NEXTDC. The TZ integrated electronic access handles supplied and installed by SRA with advanced authentication features, enhancing access control and safeguarding sensitive infrastructure components. The implementation of these handles significantly strengthened the overall security posture of NEXTDC’s data centres.

Secure Caging:
To further address physical security concerns inherent in digital infrastructure management, SRA Solutions designs, manufactures and installs customised secure caging solutions that provides an additional layer of protection for customers critical infrastructure. SRA’s secure cages are designed to provide a multi-tiered security cage system, designed to correlate with defined ASA and SCEC Zoning specifications.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between SRA Solutions and NEXTDC continues to yield significant results.

Enhanced Security: The implementation of electronic access handles and secure caging fortified NEXTDC’s data centres against unauthorised access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Optimised Space Utilisation: SRA Solutions’ data centre racks have enabled NEXTDC to optimise floor space within data halls, providing a scalable and efficient environment for current and future hardware deployments.

Future-Ready Infrastructure: The tailored solutions provided by SRA Solutions positioned NEXTDC with a flexible, future-ready infrastructure-hosting environment, capable of adapting to unique customer specifications that meet evolving technological and operational requirements.


SRA Solutions has proven to be a strategic partner for NEXTDC, delivering innovative and customised solutions that have helped them transformed the data centre services landscape. Through the implementation of cutting-edge data centre racks, electronic access handles, secure caging, and SRA Solutions has played a key role in optimising security, space utilisation, and energy efficiency for NEXTDC’s rapidly expanding fleet of data centre facilities.

The success of this collaboration underpins the importance of a comprehensive and tailored approach to address the unique challenges faced by modern data centre operators.


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