Direct Liquid Cooling cools the IT load more efficiently

Challenge and Solution

In partnership with CoolIT, our innovative cooling solutions push the boundaries of HPC density without sacrificing efficiency and our customers achieve improved rack densities without paying for space they do not need.

Direct Liquid Cooling technology yields higher rack density, reduced power use, and peak performance with a flexible, modular approach.

Demand on data centres is intensifying as the need for computing continues to grow. As high-performance computing becomes more powerful with AI and machine learning applications, components within the data centres start to generate more heat, which can lead to decreased performance and even hardware failure, as well as sustainability and efficiency challenges. For high-performance computing systems, cooling is a core consideration.


To achieve the performance and reliability, while equally improving efficiencies and sustainability, SRA Solutions chose to partner with CoolIT Systems. CoolIT Systems is the most trusted Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) solution in the market.

Our client deployed a 28x SRA rack POD which involved designing custom server racks with rear extension frames to accommodate CoolIT’s Rack Manifolds and the integration of direct-to-chip cooling hardware. The racks are provisioned to integrate direct-to-chip cooling technology as they scale up and kW rack loads increase.

  • 28x Custom Server Racks with Rear Extension Frames to support DLC Manifolds
  • SRA Racks are provisioned to accommodate Direct to Chip Cooling Technology
  • Hot Aisle Containment Solution
  • Enlogic EN1950 63A 3-Phase PDUs
  • 5x Server Racks were deployed and commissioned Day 1 with CoolIT 35kW Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Capacity While Maintaining Efficient Space and Energy Use
  • Prepare Operations for the Future and Power of Next-Gen IT Equipment
  • Liquid Cooling Technology Enables Many Different Cooling Approaches

Project Details

Canberra, ACT
Area (m2):